Emby Libraries, Users and Next Up

I’m a long time Emby user and a short time Infuse user. I just updated to 6.4 and I’ve been trying out the Emby integration. It’s working well, I watched 3 different TV episodes tonight without issues.

I realise this is the first release for Emby integration - but there seems to be some pretty basic functionality missing. Hopefully this will be coming at some point.

  • Separate libraries - on Emby I have multiple TV libraries (I like to keep cartoons and anime separate from regular TV for instance) - but Infuse is merging them altogether.

  • Separate users - on Emby each family member has a separate User, but it looks like I can only link one specific user to Infuse. How can my wife watch her Emby shows via Infuse? She has access to a different list of libraries than me.

  • Next Up - On Emby’s home screen (at least in Emby Theatre) there is a “Next Up” section for each TV library that shows the next episode for the most recently watched 18 different series. Is there anything like this in Infuse? Is that what “On Deck” is supposed to be?

I would also like to know how to filter out the anime from my tv shows! At the moment its chucking both tv shows and anime into one!

Are you speaking of the generic built in TV Shows, Movies, and Other categories? Instead, make favorites. Add favorites and your items will still be separated out for most things. My home screen in Infuse shows Library (all), Recorded TV, My Wifes stuff, TV Movies, Archived Movies, Archived TV Shows, and, Concerts for example. I don’t even show the generic Infuse Movies, TV Shows, and other.

Separate users is not supported on the first release, is scheduled for a future release.

On Deck may show what you want, turn it on.

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is this on apple tv? i cant see how to add favourites to my library page on iPad pro. If this works for you on apple tv then i can try that aswell later on.

It will work on both iOS and Apple TV.

On Apple TV, Favorites can be added by browsing the share via Settings > Shares > Share Name > Add Favorites.

Favorites will appear on the home screen for quick access.

Also, you can prevent certain libraries from being included in Infuse’s library. To do this, simply deselect any unwanted items through Settings > Library.

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Thanks - I’ll try setting up Favourites to see if that helps. Although it sounds like they’re just shortcuts to a library or folder, I guess there won’t be an On Deck section for each favourite.

I’m looking forward to the User functionality, so for now I’ll be the only one using Infuse on our Apple TV.

I added a few of my Emby libraries as favourites and it does make it quicker to access - but there’s a couple of issues with this.

  1. If I access my movies via the default Infuse “movies” library then everything acts normal - i.e. I get a wall of movie posters and selecting one goes to the details page for that movie. If I enter one of the favourites (linked to an Emby movie library) I get the same wall of movie posters but then entering a movie will show an empty screen with just that single poster at the top right. I then have to press enter a second time to get to the details page. Same thing happens on all movies and all TV series.

  2. My Emby TV library is comprised of two separate TV folders on my NAS. When using Emby you’re never aware that the TV series are sourced from different folders - they’re just all combined. But, on Infuse when entering the TV library I’m presented with the two separate folders and I have to choose one and enter it to see just a subset of the library.

I also have a couple of suggestions:

  1. I customised the image for my libraries, I have a folder full of appropriate images on my NAS, but it’s quite deep in the folder structure. Each time I customised the image I had to re-navigate to the correct folder again. It would be much easier if it defaulted to the last path used. At least during the same session of Infuse.

  2. I’d like to see “On Deck” filtered somehow - possibly to the currently selected library (on the row above). e.g. If I have a TV favourite selected then On Deck only shows next up TV episodes. If the default “library” was selected then On Deck could show what it does not (i.e. a combined list of from all locations).

I do not have the issue with your #1, I do not get an empty screen with a poster. No idea what you mean here. And I have no extra click, perhaps it depends on how your folders are content are structured?

Confused by your #2, in the OP, you said “on Emby I have multiple TV libraries (I like to keep cartoons and anime separate from regular TV for instance) - but Infuse is merging them altogether.” Is it merging or not? If you enter via the library (if you show it on the home screen), they will be merged. If you don’t want them merged, the favorites will do that, not sure which you are looking for.

For your suggestion #1, you should favorite that folder so you don’t have to navigate to it.

#1 - It’s weird, I don’t know why it should happen for me and not you. I do have all my movies in separate folders and each folder contains all the metadata for that movie (backdrop.jpg, folder.jpg, etc).

#2 - I do keep Anime & Cartoons separate from TV. But, my TV library is comprised of two separate TV folders (both containing TV not Anime or Cartoons). This is a feature of Emby - e.g. if a user has two separate external hard drives containing the same type of content then they can add both as sources for the same library. When viewing in an Emby client the user is never aware that the content is coming from two different places.

For suggestion #1 - are you saying I can favourite a random folder containing some random images just to use for icon images? That doesn’t sound right. I’m just trying to change the default favourite image that Infuse assigns to one of my own. It’s just that I added about 5 new favourites at once and I was having to navigate to the same folder of images right from the top each time. I would only have to do it those 5 times, so it’s no big deal really - it’s just that I was expecting it to default to the same folder the next time I went to pick a replacement image.

I do not have my movies in separate folders, if you mean a folder for each movie. I have mine in category folders, so SciFi, Action, whatever. Maybe that is a difference. if it is the difference, then Infuse needs a flatten folder setting.

Yes, for #2, I am aware you can do that in Emby, just was confused by your other post. YOu can access them combined via the all library, then TV, they will be combined, but likely include Anime and cartoons mixed in as well. Just as would be without using Emby integration.

For my suggestion, I am not really clear what images you are speaking of. For me, I have as mentioned and for example an Archive movies favorite, a Concert favorite, a recorded TV favorite, etc. Those folder by default have no great image. To get an image, I have a directory on the server with folder images I like to use. Got them from Emby folder icons contribution. So, I long press on each favorite, and specify an image for them. To have access to those, I make a second connection to the Emby server using SMB and navigate to the images, and repeat for each favorite. Are those the images you are speaking of? I should be able to simply make a favorite that points to the images folder I want to use to make setting those favorite folder images easier. I have not done so as it was a one time task.

I’d also love to see seperate libaries / tags within Infuse. Is there a dedicated thread about it yet?