Infuse Remote connection via synology not working

I’ve had all my devices connected to my DS418Play using Webdav for the last 2 years without issue using the synology ddns service. but recently all my remote locations can’t connect anymore and i can’t figure out why

I’ve tried to re-setup as an smb or ftp but i don’t know if im doing it properly in the synology unit and when i try to test it on the documents app for my iphone, it doesn’t connect either

any suggestions or guides? i’ve been searching for the last 2 hrs and it’s driving me crazy

wondering if this has anything to do with me changing my router to an Orbi RBK50…i can’t even log into the router to check settings

anyone have an experience like this changing to an orbi router?

if not, ill go back to my tp-link and see if it corrects itself

I had an orbi and had all sorts of issues. Ended up going back to my ASUS router and using the orbi in AP mode only. Don’t bother going to the orbi forums. There’s a user FURRYe38 who will spam you with useless info (his fix is to wipe your orbi and start from scratch).

Can you access the shares with your computer?

i can because they are hardwired

Try mapping it as a network share.
Are you using Windows or MacOS?

I have both. My Windows desktop PC is my main unit where the NAS is located. My macbook is my portable option

Here’s some good instructions how to map shares in MacOS.

Your NAS should also be showing up in finder.

i gave up on the orbi…i factory restored and re-set it up and an hour later was having the same problems, i couldn’t even log in to the router web admin page so i went back to my TP-Link for now

will try the google wifi next

thanks for everyone’s help