Netgear Orbi Router - unable to connect to webdav outside home?

I recently upgraded from an apple airport extreme wifi router - to the Netgear Orbi RBK852 mesh system. I have a synology NAS running a web dav server for all my content. Before, I had no issues connecting via webdav outside my home network with infuse. Since changing routers, I can only connect to it from within the home network. I have the ports forwarded correctly, but it doesnt seem to work…

I have searched online for any help and everyone generally just says to set up port forwarding…

I am hoping any of you guys have successfully figured out how to utilize Infuse/Firecore with the new netgear Orbi router?

Can you connect to the NAS from outside with just the computer?

Yes, thats the weird part. So by using the Synology “DS FILE” app or their “QUICK CONNECT” setup, I have zero issues and can connect from outside the network.

But I cant connect to it via the webdav server from outside the home network.

So Its possible to connect in general, but for whatever reason I cant get to the webdav server from outside…

DSFile and quick connect can use a proxy to connect so it might not be a direct connection. Have you gone to the netgear Orbi forums?

I’ve been searching, but so far no luck. I was hoping someone here had come across the same issue…

I just double checked now with Open Port Check Tool - Test Port Forwarding on Your Router and it says the ports are open. So I wasnt sure if the Orbi is somehow blocking the Webdav server from the synology nas?

Make sure firewall is disabled on your synology

ok ill take a look this evening and get back with the results. Thank you for your suggestions.

Firewall is disabled