VPN'ed into my NAS but still can't connect via SMB

I have set up an OpenVPN to acces my Synology Nas externally.
When I open Infuse and want to add files the SMB shows up under available shared drives.
But when I set it up it fails every time.

I don’t know what’s wrong. If it shows up it should be able to mount?

Can you mount the NAS remotely with any other devices?

You can also check that you’ve covered all the step here in the users guide that has a section devoted to the Synology NAS at the bottom.

I can connect through WebDAV no problem. But that means I have to open ports on the router. I’d rather avoid that which is why I set up the OpenVPN.

It’s strange that Infuse pops op the SMB. It must be able to see it but it just can’t connect.

Are you connecting to the NAS by name or by IP? It might be a weird DNS issue. Try connecting via IP.

I thought the same, but I’ve tried both :frowning:

Try connecting via SMB with the files app. If that doesn’t work the. You have a networking/security issue of some sort.

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Good idea! I’ll try and get back

Hello again @JarvisMeier and @NC_Bullseye

I can access with Synologys own DS Video app. It works fine. I can also access the files app.
Maybe I’m doing something wrong in Infuse? I choose the SMB under Add Files > Saved shared drives. Under address I put the ip address. The port is 443.

What am I doing wrong? Should I not put the ip address but something else?

Leave the port empty. It’s not 443. SMB uses port 139 if via netbios otherwise it uses port 445.

Sorry, meant 445 :slight_smile:
It now works. I have changed absolutely nothing. It’s very strange.

SMB over WAN is a real security risk. Dont do this :grinning:

But both the VPN and the LOGIN uses passwords (different) before any access is given outside my Wi-Fi. That should be okay?

SMB through a VPN is OK. SMB through port forwarding is bad.

Yes, that’s what I thought.

On Synology i would recommend just using WebDAV over https. Setting this up properly can be hard but works best imho.

Okay, even with a VPN?

If you have VPN working stay with that. Not only does it give you infuse access but it also gives you access to anything else you might have running internally on your network.

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Another alternative is to use Tailscale, a secure VPN Mesh. Access Synology NAS from anywhere · Tailscale

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