Connecting to an external NAS

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hope that this issue haven’t been addressed before, but it properly have (couldn’t fint it) so my daughter have just bought a ATK 4K and I’m wondering how I can connect her ATV to our home NAS thru Infuse, I’m running a Synology DS210+ version DSM 5.2, I know I need to make a port forwarding and I believe I have that sorted, but how do I connect from the Infuse app to the NAS?

I´m not a big IT nerd :smiley: so any technical terms I might not get :smiley:

hope you can help :slight_smile:

RTFM :wink:

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Thx! ?

I use WebDAV for remote access in Infuse. Make sure WebDAV is installed on your Synology and that you are using the DDNS service for remote access to your Synology.

Enter your DDNS domain with your Synology user login and the port number used for webDAV in the Infuse app and your daughter will have access from her AppleTV