Infuse Pro 7 expectations

Hi there,

Some time ago I had to change beloved Apple TV for Zidoo mainly because of strange unwillingness of Apple to fix proper playback of 24.000 content, and I have hundreds of wonderful European masterpieces in 24.000 in my collection. Finally now it looks, like Apple worked on that issue in 14.5 and all fractional and integer frequencies highly likely will be supported. If this will happen, I’m going to turn back to ATV, but still have question about other position, which supported my decision to use Zidoo.

I was using Infuse pro 5, and one of disturbing things was that in PosterWall (or how you name it) view posters were shown without names under each poster, names appeared only on highlighted poster. Always found it uncomfortable and strange IMHO. Is there a chance, that in Infuse Pro 7 this might be changed and all the posters will have names?

Thanks for advice

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We’re exploring a number of design options, but haven’t finalized anything just yet.

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I see. Thanks.