Consolidation of multiple favourites into one....

I must admit, I love infuse for the tvOS, much better than DS Video app, or even plex. the only problem I have is the structure. I am not sure if this has been mentioned before, I have had a read of the forums and can’t find anything on this, but please excuse me if this has been mentioned.
I have movies on various disks on my Sinology Nas, 5 intact, but rather than having 5 favourites of Movies I would love to be able to place them all in one Favourites (if that makes any sense)

Also i would be nice if you elect Infuse on the main apple tv page it can take you directly to the Movies, rather than to a Infuse Display Home screen, maybe even be able to play a favourites on the home screen…???

many kind regards and thanks for Infuse!!!