Hi guys, I am finally pretty frustrated and feel sad, that I am planning to leave Infuse now after more than 8 or more years.

Reasons: I do not want to find my library to be erased after each update.
I want real Atmos.
I want a more intelligent and flexible library system.
I want to be able to change picture parameters.
I want collections that show all collections on my Nas by itself.
And I don’t want to be told be some omnipresent guy on this forum, that I am asking the wrong questions. Nicht wahr Herr Ochsen Auge.
I am writing this text , while my Infuse is taking again an hour to reload the library.
And you know what? I found a system, that can do all that, and has a great gui as Infuse is having.
I am sure you know, which system mean.
No it’s not the Shield with Kodi.
My Abo time is ending in November. You still have time to satisfy a few of my wishes.
Btw, of course I know, that the missing Atmos is not in your responsibility.
But at the end, I want it.
Hope you are interested to work on my wishes.
Cu all, was a great time.

Bullseye, you are the one, who I mean. How do you dare, to put my text in the lounge?
I am sure, you don’t like, what I wrote. But maybe, you should have taken more care to change all these requests, rather than telling people, that you are not allowed to ask these questions.
Bye bye.

I understand your frustration, but what other choice is there if not Kodi?

I sent you a message. Greets

Oh btw, and I want 3d picture too.
And I found everything in Home Theater 4, which you can find on Zidoo or on Orbsmart R81.

Wait, what other system on Apple TV that can do real Atmos? Or is it non Apple TV system? What system?

Not on ATV, only on others. See my message above.