1.3 Update

Congratulations on the update, now i can use Infuse as my primary player.

I love the airplay function, trough apple tv i can see full screen all the movies, no stops, fluid.

However i have to tell you, i was really expecting folders in this version, i believe it was the first thing it was suggested along with airplay. I still cant have any shows in infuse because library will be a mess.

Other thing, it would really improve the movie experience if you guys made possible to costumize subtitles with airplay. If the subtiles were exactly the same as it shows when the movie plays on the ipad it would be awesome, but through airplay, my subtitles are really small and i cant find a way to change that.

Once again, great update, hope you can do some changes soon.

Thank you,

Nuno Merino

Thanks for your feedback.

We’re working on a few options for organization videos (specifically TV shows - teaser: http://fireco.re/image/3K2f2P2J0f1I) and hope to have this available soon.

Subtitles over AirPlay is coming in the 1.3.1 update which is due out in 1-2 weeks, and here’s an early teaser: https://twitter.com/InfuseApp/status/367015553501655040