A few feature requests..:)

As always, fantastic work! I would appreciate your consideration of a feature I want to suggest..

My friend showed me an app on android called Archos video player and I thought some of their features would be fantastic on Infuse:

1. The app lets you select folders on NAS drive to cache, so whenever you are on the same network, it will automatically display all files as if they are on the device - this also allows metadata updating to be a lot faster. - User can re-sync if new files are added to that folder.

2. Search feature allows user to search through all fines (on device and cached).

3. Allow users to select which poster art and backdrop (from TMDB/TVDB) they want displayed, and remember selection (for cached files)

4. Manual editing of metadata.


Unrelated: On iPhone, when in landscape mode, only the backdrop view is visible and it can be cumbersome to swipe through all images to select the one you want..any way we can just swipe up (like on iPad) to view the posters below?

Also, please make the 'Stretch' zoom mode a default..and maybe try to make deleting files abit easier (swipe to delete maybe) as the current implementation is quite a slow process when deleting a TV show season for example..


Thanks again for all your hard work and looking forward to the next update!!

Another thing that just popped into my head - would it be possible to put a switch in settings for volume boost instead of while watching videos? that way it's a permanent setting and we won't have to do it on a per video basis..