First Impressions of 5.3 on tvOS

Looks like a lot of midnight oil has been burned lately.

First, all of my recent issued with failures to fetch metadata on new shows is gone. Wonder if there was a change in provider or in the API. Either way, all shows and new additions are showing correct metadata. Kudos!

Second, the speed scrolling is great! Maybe now I can stave off carpal tunnel for a few more years.

Third, curious that with the update the Infuse logo on the apple tv home screen is now dark grey instead of the white. Not a problem, just a curiosity.

Forth, did the ability to change from the light (white) theme to dark theme go away or did I just not look in the right place? Was wondering because I looked to change back to the light version to see if the icon on the home screen followed the choice in themes.

Will dig around more later but so far great work!

Great to hear! :slight_smile:

We did in fact improve how TV show metadata is fetched, so now newly added episodes will be indexed correctly.

The icon phenomenon is a tvOS bug. You can workaround it by moving Infuse into a folder, and then back out.

Infuse now relies on the system level Dark Mode option which can be enabled in Settings > General > Appearance

Outstanding on the improvements and thanks for the work around too.

Seems good to me too. It’s probably the hardware decoding. Movies that I could not watch due to stuttering appear to be better now. But early days… will need to have a bit more viewing time to be certain.

As I mentioned in another post, I still cant add any files to Infuse 5 even after 5.3 update. When i add the the share, Infuse spits out Empty folder nothing to do here error and thats it reinstalling the app didnt help either. The same problem exist with iOS app as well.

You really need to provide a bit more info as to what kind of files your trying to see and give some examples of exact file names with extensions in order for folks to start to try and help you out.

Also, are you using the paid version of Infuse 5 or the trial?

What are you using as a server? Computer, NAS, type of either?

First blush to me sounds like permission issues from your ATV and the server.

Im sorry i posted in a few posts, so i thought i shouldnt get in to much details. Anyhow, i have both Infuse 4.x pro which works fine (to some degree, but that’s different story) and Infuse 5.3 pro. Ive added the share to infuse 4 when it first came out so i havent made any changes to the settings ever since, after the release of 5.x pro I installed it but when i try to add Favorites after adding the share i get the error mentioned in my previous post and thats been going on since the first infuse 5.x pro release. The server in question that im playing files from is Appe Time Capsule.

Based on you being able to see your movie files with Infuse 4 but not in 5 it still sounds like permission problems. I’d verify that the user and password you’re using in 5 to connect to your time capsule has read permissions in the time capsule.

What type of connect are you using? SMB, UpNp, etc?

Im using the same user and pass on both infuse 4 and 5 and also am trying to connect via SMB.

An update on my case, i removed infuse 4 as suggested by James and another user of this forum did not solve my problem. So no more infuse for me untill this gets fixed cuz i cant download infuse 4 from the app store.

You should be able to re-install Infuse 4 by going into the AppStore on your ATV4 and then go to the ‘Purchased’ tab and then select ‘Not on this Apple TV’; it should now be in the list of apps.

If you just do an ordinary search in the AppStore then you are correct that Infuse 4 will not be found as it is no longer available for new purchases.

Love the refined interface and top shelf functionality- but I am having video playback issues that are not present in version 4 playing back the same material.

I see random pausing & skipping, macro blocking and green blocking, from the same videos from the same source - a DVB Link DNLA sever…

Video is just fine in the old version, unwatchable in the new version sadly…

Hmm - any chance you’d be able to send in a sample we could review here?

Thanks for getting back to me - I have uploaded the video.

You can see the artifacts at various points in the video - there is blocking at the start and then green blocking at around 3:47 - if you use pause and ff/rw you can make playback worse and see stuttering and more artifacts.

The file plays fine in version 4 on Apple TV and with VLC on a PC…


Any update on this - .ts file recordings (recorded with DVBLink) continue to be unwatchable in the current version - the same files play back fine in MrMC and DVBlink Theatre on the Apple TV and also just fine in the iOS version of Infuse on my iPhone 6S…