Infuse macOS public beta - updated 5/5/21

Thanks a lot for your work!

My first notice on Alpha 2:

iMac, Late 2013, Intel Core i7 3,5 GHz, 24 GB RAM, macOS 11.1

(1) If there is no embedded thumbnail in mp4-File, there is also no generated thumbnail. Only a black square.

(2) (Perhaps no bug): If changing to a fullscreen by playback a movie, the fullscreen also stays after ending movie playback for the Infuse-interface. It would be nice to have the old position of the app after ending movie playback.

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When clicking “Share” on a downloaded file, Infuse freezes. Even quitting and restarting Infuse didn’t help. I guess there is still some background process running? I had to restart the entire Mac.
My code is: GS7C1 (after restarting the Mac though as Infuse was frozen).

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[BUG] When paused, the video is rewinded backwards one second when switching between screens.
Code: YX5QG


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A few macOS integration remarks:

  • The volume slider is linked to the system volume: this is not good, it should be on the app level, but I guess this is WIP
  • The player controls appear where the subtitles are: it should maybe be possible to move the controls panel and its location should be remembered, or maybe there are other solutions
  • I suspect this maybe unpreventable Catalyst behavior: but the app quits when closing the main window: maybe it should stay open?
  • I still automatically go to the menu bar to change video settings or subtitles, but I guess those are also WIP :slight_smile:

This is on our list. :slight_smile:

On macOS, you won’t be able to save videos to the app. But you will be able to have a local folder added to the Infuse’s library. The way to do this (at least right now) is to create a share for your Mac, and then add the folder(s) you want to import as favorites).

List view definitely still needs some love. :slight_smile:

It’s on our list. :slight_smile:

Do you have metadata fetching enabled?

This is something we may look into.



Good suggestion. Thanks!

Will investigate.

This may be something we look at adding.


Yes, it is enabled. In the metadata of some of my mp4-files there are no thumbnails. In these cases there appear black squares. If a thumbnail is integrated in the metadata, it is shown correctly. (Like the screenshot down) In the IOS-apps of Infusion a thumbnail will be generated, if there is no in the metadata. But in the macOS-version this seems to fail at this time.



Do these videos contain a black screen within the first 30s or so?

We’ll have to look into the logic we’re using to generate thumbnails, but this may be a case of Infuse generating a thumbnail from a point in the video that happens to be a black screen.

As a simple workaround, you can add fan art for these videos to give them custom artwork.



The videos have content just from the beginning. There are no black screens after 1s. And the problem is only in mp4-files without embedded thumbnail. Mkv works without a problem. The workaround I will test - but as I said in the IOS-Apps (which I use for my library on various tv-screens at home) there is no need to do this.

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File names do not show under videos. It doe show under folders. ( I prefer folder view for quick finding things). So far so good!

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For me it is very usable as of now. But of course possible to improve… :slight_smile:

  • window handling is awkward. window bigger than screen, does not remember position if you quit etc etc
  • I miss downloading subtitles from the iOS version

great work guys :+1:

I’ve noticed that when you enter fullscreen playback and you click Esc key on the keyboard it stops playback and goes to a smaller window. I don’t think it should stop playback when it goes to the un-maximised size. Other video players that I’ve tested work this way, Plex, VLC, IINA etc.

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Haha take your time. Also, is DV playback still WIP?
Happy Holidays!

Infuse for macOS alpha 3 is now available (see first post for details). :slight_smile:

HNY! :tada:

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Just downloaded Alpha 3 and it work ok on my Macbook Air M1, like the look of movie info page, nice to see the file name in there.
Would be nice to see thumb nails for the Actors and even better if we could select and see all movie owned for that actor.
But so far looking good

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I noticed that the button on the time slider is transparent. It should be plain like the volume slider.

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Actually, I like it like that :grin:
Sometimes my internet connection is crappy and it can barely keep up with the bitrate of the movies that I stream. When it’s transparent like this, it allows me to see just how much buffer I have left.

But to each their own I guess :wink:

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Hey there,

Not sure if someone already mentioned that, but when I try to add any file to the library the app crashes for me. I tried all 3 versions and doesn’t seem to work in any of those.

Not sure if there is any more info you need?

Per the first post in this thread