Infuse for macOS - Progress Update (12/18/20)

Update 12/18/20: The first public alpha build is now available.

Update 12/15/20: We are getting close to the first public alpha, and are targeting this Friday (12/18) to have the first public alpha available. #staytuned

11/20/20: Progress on Infuse for macOS has been moving along swiftly over the past few months, and today we’re pleased to be able to share a quick update and a few screenshots.

Infuse for macOS will include most of the same great features found on iOS and Apple TV, including: Robust video playback, automatic organization, cloud streaming, Trakt sync, subtitle downloads, and more—all wrapped in a beautiful package that feels right at home on the Mac.

Any Mac (both Intel and M1) running Big Sur, or later.

Public alpha
We are currently planning to have the first public alpha available to test in early/mid December. This will be available as a free download for all who sign up.

App Store release
Infuse for macOS will make its App Store debut as part of Infuse 7 which is coming in Q1 2021.

Infuse for macOS (as well as Infuse 7) will be a free upgrade for all those with an Infuse Pro subscription (monthly, yearly, lifetime). A single Infuse Pro subscription will be usable on all your devices (iPhone, iPad, Apple TV, Mac) and can be shared via Family Sharing.

Note: An Infuse Pro subscription can be started from within the free Infuse 6 app. Starting an Infuse Pro subscription today, locks you into the best possible price for all future renewals.

Now on to the good stuff…screenshots!

These represent a current work-in-progress, and will likely see changes in the coming weeks before the release of Infuse 7.

Thanks for reading. We’ll be posting more updates soon. :slight_smile:


:100::pray:t2::sunglasses: looking good :clap:t3:

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Any chance that it would run on Mojave for those of us who have to maintain 32 bit capabilities for a while for other apps?


We would have liked to, but many of the APIs we are using are only available on Big Sur.

Adding support for older versions could potentially come at some point, but probably not for the foreseeable future.

If ya don’t ask you may never know!
Thanks James!
One day I’ll be able to run with the big dogs. :wink:


That side bar on the left looks really out of place. Is it optional and can it be hidden?

BUT thanks for the update and a very big thanks for doing a native mac app!

Once the alpha goes out, we plan to collect as much feedback as we can and fine tune things before the release.

Anything is possible. :wink:

But will it do PiP?


But of course. :slight_smile:


HDR support?

Playback of HDR files will work.

Most Mac’s don’t have HDR screens, but we’ll be looking into the options for outputting HDR over HDMI/Display Port.

Still plenty of work to do on many fronts. :slight_smile:

Will the Mac version support emby and plex?
Will there be a discount for the lifetime subscription on Black Friday?

Yes. Emby, Plex, and Jellyfin will be supported—along with other cloud and network streaming options.


So cool !
Will infuse 7 be an Universal app for macOS ans iOS ?
Will infuse 7 run on iOS 12 ? It is the last update available on my iPad

Thanks !

Yes, a universal app for iOS, tvOS, and macOS.

If we can keep iOS 12 support we will, but nothing to announce just yet.


Looks good, no Catalina support? As far as I know those APIs are still in Xcode…

Otherwise I have to become sad,m as I am not planning to upgrade to Big Sur for a long, long time.

amazing work looks so good !
Will it support offline play mode / Download. thinking of futur travelling :wink:

So I assume the design changes will make it to all platforms (tvOS)?

Big Sur includes some critical things that are not available in Catalina, unfortunately. :slightly_frowning_face:

FWIW, I’ve been running it on 2 Macs for a month or two and it’s been pretty solid.

Yes, of course. :slight_smile:

7.0 will also include design updates for iOS and Apple TV. There will likely be differences on each platform, but also many similarities.