Infuse macOS public beta - updated 5/5/21

This has to do with the google api limitation of re-indexing your library and calling the google-drive api like infuse does. There is another thread about this problem and firecore wants to fix it in one of the next versions. After about 24 hours google resets the counter and you should bei able to play your videos again.

This is an awesome first beta!

The big annoyance i’m seeing is that even with continuous play set to ON when you’re in PiP mode, it doesn’t continually play.

I’m not sure if this is a limitation of the PiP APIs or not, but my usage of this app on MacOS means that I put on a season of a TV show i’ve seen a bunch (like Parks and Rec or Community) and I want it to continuously play in PiP mode in the corner while I work. Right now I can’t do that and have to close the PiP player, move manually to the next episode, play it, and enter PiP mode again.

Not a massive dealbreaker, but I can see this causing me to use the app significantly less than I would otherwise.

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Still loving the first alpha rls, working pretty well imo… just one really annoying thing (thinks it’s more an overall in mac,ios,tvos rls)…

Could you please make it so that infuse reads video-modified-date(creation date) instead of the folder-modified-date… im adding subtitles (external.srts) to my videos and after that they pop-up ‘newly-added’ in infuse… it’s pretty annoying and messes up the whole experience (hehe) for me anyways, i don’t think i’m the only one :upside_down_face: :wink:

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It is possible to add google drive as a source as we do in Iphone / Ipad? or just local files (computer, NAS…)

Great news!!

I have iCloud sync working on Apple TV and my iPhone, and “iCloud Sync” is turned on in Infuse for macOS, but nothing syncs. I’ve waited a few days, so it’s not just a delay. I might be doing something wrong! I’ve also signed into Trakt.

I have same issue, watched items do not sync between Mac and rest of devices, while iPhones, iPads and Apple TVs do.

Within settings, it says “syncing with iCloud” for a long time, and when it concludes, no updates on watching elements.

I just don’t have any shows or movies showing up in my library at all! Not sure if I’m doing something wrong or not.

This is my first mail to the community, I therefore ask for the understanding of the readers, in case I make one or two things not as it is supposed to be.
I have my movies and TV series in my NAS in France and do watch them via Infuse in Germany. I use the WebDAV protocol for that both on my Apple TV and iPhone. On the MacOS version, I have noticed the following points to mention:

  • Subtitles: The option to choose a subtitle online and embed it to the movie, doesn’t work on the Mac version. Even the (separate) subtitle files within the same movie folder are not available to choose in this beta version. Only the burned one’s are to reach out to. (see the picture

  • The script at the top line doesn’t show perfectly whenI switch to “full screen”. However, I assume this is just an aesthetics issue and is easy to deal with. (see the picture [Aesthetics - Script Up the Bar line|690x244])

  • The fetching never stops: Anytime, I open the software, it starts fetching and doesn’t ever end up until I close the app. However, despite to my other colleagues, I do not experience a major heating either while watching a movie or by having the app fetch. (upload://xH7qZrIO0cyuY8DKN35rk6GvhEM.jpeg)

Thank you for this opportunity to be part of the team.

Merry Christmas and happy holidays, everyone! :christmas_tree::santa:

Infuse for macOS alpha 2 is now available for testing.

To make it feel a little more Mac-like, a option in the menu bar for settings would be nice with the keybinding of ⌘+, to be inline with other macOS applications (this might be part of the settings-rework mentioned)


I can’t save my movies to the app, I’m trying to import them via Finder and it just plays the movie, but it somehow saves them to the app Also, I can’t download the subs through the player.
Thanks for everything, take care of yourself !!!


(M1 MBA, 11.1, alpha b2, Diagnostics: G9Z1V) Scrolling too fast down a list, this happens:

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I’d love to see the ‘Get More’ subtitles from OpenSubtitles feature on Mac if that’s possible. I’m also echoing daleonidas’s suggestion on the app volume control being separate from the system volume. In terms of performance, no issues so far!

I also wanted to comment on how sleek, minimalistic, and fantastic the media playback interface is on Infuse compared to even the most basic apps like QuickTime Player. Nice job!