Infuse macOS public alpha 2 - 12/25/20

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Merry Christmas and happy holidays, everyone! :christmas_tree::santa:

Today, we’re pleased to present a fresh new alpha build of Infuse for macOS.

What’s new in alpha 2 (3408)

  • Added volume control slider
  • Double-click to enter/exit fullscreen
  • Avoid screensaver/dimming during playback
  • Improved playback with a secondary displays
  • Background playback when switching spaces
  • Improved video rendering performance
  • Updated device identifiers for Plex/Emby/Jellyfin
  • Option to expand long descriptions
  • Removed ‘Cellular Download’ and ‘Disable Files app’ options from Settings
  • Updated Back button clickable area
  • Set minimum OS version to 11.0

Known issues

  • Settings page design is unfinished
  • List view design is unfinished
  • Reworked layout of Library/Browse pages
  • Live preview and generated thumbnails are broken on some Macs (if you see this, please let us know which Mac you have)
  • Some issues when using HomePods
  • Window navbar icons disappear in some cases
  • Crash on macOS 11.2
  • OpenSubtitles download option missing
  • Probably many other things :upside_down_face:

How you can help

  1. The best way to help is to simply start using Infuse for macOS as you normally would. Let us know what’s working, what’s broken, and any weirdness you may see.
  2. Share feedback publicly in this thread to facilitate discussion with others who may be seeing a similar issue.
  3. If you find something that is broken, it may be helpful to submit a diagnostic report. To do this, simply tap the ‘Email Us’ option found in Settings, copy the 5 digit code, and post it in this thread with a description of the issue. Sending an email from the app is not required.

Download the latest build (available to registered testers only)

How to become a macOS tester

  1. Create a forum account (if you don’t already have one)
  2. Join the macOS testing group