Infuse macOS public beta - updated 5/5/21

Update 5/5/21: Infuse for macOS is now available on the Mac App Store! :tada:

Today we’re happy to present the public beta version of Infuse for macOS! :raised_hands:

This build represents a work in progress, and is still very rough around the edges - but we think it’s usable in many ways and wanted to give you all something to start playing with.

We are planning to have new updates every week (or so), so things will to improve until the official release of 7.0 in Spring 2021.

How you can help

  1. The best way to help is to simply start using Infuse for macOS as you normally would. Let us know what’s working, what’s broken, and any weirdness you may see.
  2. Share feedback publicly in this thread to facilitate discussion with others who may be seeing a similar issue.
  3. If you find something that is broken, it may be helpful to submit a diagnostic report. To do this, simply tap the ‘Email Us’ option found in Settings, copy the 5 digit code, and post it in this thread with a description of the issue. Sending an email from the app is not required.


Any Mac (both Intel and M1) running macOS 11.0 (Big Sur) or later

Download the latest build (available to registered testers only)

How to become a macOS tester (it’s easy and free!)

  1. Create a forum account (if you don’t already have one)
  2. Join the macOS testing group

Changes in RC 2 (3578) 4/30

  • Updated Edit mode on Files in grid view
  • Reduced unwatched ribbon size for episodes
  • Added animation for backdrops during scrolling
  • Fixed hiding titles under series and collections
  • Updated translations

Changes in RC 1 (3571) 4/28

  • State saving for sidebar size and state
  • Display related movies on pre-playback screen
  • Single pre-playback screen for collections
  • Unwatched ribbons on episode thumbnails
  • Fixed alignment of download circles in grid view
  • Hide Delete option when File management is disabled

Changes in beta 7 (3562) 4/23

  • Removed PRO banner from sidebar
  • Increased icons and text size in the sidebar
  • Fixed jumping when selecting categories from Home list
  • Display the number of movies below a collection poster
  • Display the number of seasons below a series poster

Changes in beta 6 (3546) 4/16

  • Added titles below posters in grid view
  • Horizontal scrolling for lists on the Home screen
  • Drag-n-drop to add a local folder to favorite
  • Improved flow for adding local folders in Add Files
  • Update subtitles settings during continuous playback
  • ‘Spoilers’ placeholder even with the Reduce Transparency set to ON
  • Fixed red bars during playback with Intel Iris GPU
  • Updated size for the unwatched icon overlay
  • Optimized updates on the Home screen
  • Improved folder artwork scaling
  • Fix for potential freezes during metadata reloads
  • Fix for colors on the preview screen in dark mode

Changes in beta 5 (3535) 4/9

  • Native support for Apple Silicon (M1)
  • Added icons to sidebar
  • Added native support for HDR
  • Adjusted HDR tone mapping on Apple Silicon (M1)
  • Updated watched icon overlay
  • Add local folders to favorites via Add Files
  • Apply ‘Show filenames’ setting to the list view
  • Added ‘Open’ files option in the menu

Changes in beta 4 (3520) 4/2

  • Adjusted long subtitle names to fit the screen
  • Improved layout of home reordering screen
  • Fixed scrolling for longer descriptions
  • Various fixes for list view

Changes in beta 3 (3514) 3/26

  • Updated List view
  • Updated poster icons
  • Updated Edit Mode in Files section
  • Added Pro badge to Sidebar and Settings
  • Tap to open pre-playback from the list view
  • Improved downmixing of 16-bit DTS audio tracks
  • Improved age ratings selection logic in Settings
  • Fixed a typo in Touch ID Parental Controls setting
  • Fixed a crash when iCloud Sync was not initialized
  • Fixed a crash during incremental updates from Plex
  • Fixed a crash during metadata fetching for invalid files
  • Episode grouping into seasons in the list view
  • Scroll bars in list and grid view

Changes in beta 2 (3502) 3/19

  • Added Trakt login
  • Added Add Files to menu bar
  • Updated Library settings layout
  • Updated Parental Controls layout
  • Other minor UI updates for Preferences
  • Updated Add Files share browser interface
  • Updated placeholders for empty tabs
  • Improved Home screen updates
  • Set Home as the initial tab

Changes in beta 1 (3490) 3/12

  • Updated General Settings layout
  • Updated Playback Settings layout
  • Updated Language Settings layout
  • Updated Sync Settings layout (WIP)
  • Support for renaming pinned items on Home Screen
  • Fixed default ‘By Genre’ title name
  • Improved sort order on Home editing screen
  • Identical pinned items names across platforms
  • Fixed appearance of rows on the editing screen
  • Renamed ‘All Videos’ section after migration from v6
  • Double-click TV episode thumbnail to start playback
  • Delete links on the ‘via Direct URL’ screen
  • Update TMDb config when using Clear/Refresh Metadata option

Changes in alpha 12 (3482) 3/5

  • New download files screen
  • Pin Playlists section to Home screen
  • Pin library categories from the home edit screen
  • Eliminated Movies, TV Shows, Other sections
  • Updated placeholders when Home screen is empty
  • Renamed ‘Add to Favorites’ to ‘Pin to Home Screen’ for library items
  • Moved settings to the menu bar (Settings UI updates still in progress)

Changes in alpha 11 (3474) 2/26

  • Updated ‘via Direct URL’ layout
  • New download icons
  • Direct URL validation
  • Enabled ‘via Finder’ feature in Add Files
  • Updated Speed Test layout
  • Pre-filled names for Cloud shares
  • Fixed a crash when adding Plex shares
  • Improved buttons visibility in dark mode
  • Added protocol next to the added share name
  • Resolved a crash related to invalid UTF8 characters in titles

Changes in alpha 10 (3465) 2/19

  • Updated Add Files layout (work in progress)
  • Improved flow for adding shares
  • Library renamed to Home
  • Browse renamed to Library
  • Files moved to the third slot
  • Drag-n-drop playback of .dvdmedia files
  • Fixes for crashes with multichannel Opus audio

Changes in alpha 9 (3459) 2/16

  • Fixed disappearing sound after seeking
  • Improved Dolby playback in certain configurations

Changes in alpha 8 (3452) 2/12

  • Revamped audio processing for improved clarity and detail
  • Drag-n-drop playback for ISO videos
  • Resolved issues with delayed audio

Changes in alpha 7 (3446) 2/5

  • Adjusted live preview position during playback
  • Fixed pausing in PiP mode
  • Fixed opening settings after leaving PiP
  • Fixed disappearing close/minimize buttons

Changes in alpha 6 (3440) 1/29

  • Utilize discrete GPUs for playback, if available
  • Live preview on mouse hover during playback
  • Improved HDR rendering with discrete GPUs
  • Save playback progress after switching spaces
  • Faster playback start via drag-and-drop or double-click
  • ESC closes modal windows and context menus
  • Display downloading progress at the top bar
  • Improved presentation of long descriptions

Changes in alpha 5 (3434) 1/22

  • Fix for broken thumbnails and live previews (clear metadata to generate new cached thumbnails)
  • Support for subtitles imported via Drag’n’Drop
  • Select language when downloading from OpenSubtitles
  • Delete subtitles downloaded from OpenSubtitles
  • Adjust timing offset for subtitles
  • Full screen button on the player
  • Press ESC key to exit full screen
  • Press ESC to close playback settings
  • Precise tuning of playback speed
  • Improved playback settings legibility
  • Fixed seek button transparency
  • Fixed crash on macOS 11.2
  • Improved UI of expanded movie descriptions
  • Improved indexing of Plex collections
  • Filter br tags from Emby descriptions

Changes in alpha 4 (3423) 1/15

  • OpenSubtitles support
  • Use default browser for Trakt logins
  • Added app-specific volume control
  • Improved playback performance in some cases
  • Improved playback with multiple displays connected
  • Added automatic daily update checks with download prompt
  • Display Play button in Up Next on mouse hover only
  • Updated Pause and Stop PiP icons
  • Updated Back button icon

Changes in alpha 3 (3410) 12/29

  • iCloud: Library settings and favorites sync between macOS devices
  • Playback: Support for moving around the playback controls
  • UI: Crisp buttons on Library screen
  • UI: Back button highlighting

Changes in alpha 2 (3408) 12/25

  • Added volume control slider
  • Double-click to enter/exit fullscreen
  • Avoid screensaver/dimming during playback
  • Improved playback with a secondary displays
  • Background playback when switching spaces
  • Improved video rendering performance
  • Updated device identifiers for Plex/Emby/Jellyfin
  • Option to expand long descriptions
  • Removed ‘Cellular Download’ and ‘Disable Files app’ options from Settings
  • Updated Back button clickable area
  • Set minimum OS version to 11.0

Known issues

  • AirPlay is not supported
  • Dolby Vision videos play with incorrect colors
  • Playback issues on some Mac models
  • Probably many other things :upside_down_face:

Many good things still to come. Stay tuned!


Awesome! Great to see the team keeping up the pace.
And great to see that thanks to iCloud sync, the library starts loading (I was a bit impatient at first and assumed this was not the case).

As I dev I wonder how much you benefited from Catalyst? This is looking really good, I love the settings window in the player for example.

I will edit this post to add my initial remarks:

Personally the most critical issue for me:

  • There seems to be some mild stuttering for me, at least with 4K HEVC content, especially in full screen mode (MBP 15" i9 2018 + LG 4K display). Plays fine in VLC. I’m guessing it is related to the relatively high CPU usage: 40% vs VLC 12% playing the same file. GPU both around 10%.


  • There is no separate Preferences window and the keyboard shortcut does not work
  • It would feel natural to also have some options like aspect ratio etc. available in the menu bar, though I love that you can just double click the player and it switches between original/fill. This is better than VLC (not the best example of Mac-like UI of course)
  • Side scrolling with mouse/trackpad in swim lanes does not work, but I guess this is WIP
  • Trakt sync should open in the default browser, because in the web view the password manager/keychain is not available


  • I think app-specific volume control is needed on Mac
  • Resizeable covers in the library view would feel very natural: by using the pinch gesture

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alpha is only for Catalina and later? or we can have a version for High Sierra in few days?

Looking pretty great so far!

Some amusing text on the settings screen:

(It’s backwards!)


It’s been mentioned that the Mac version will ONLY support Big Sur and onwards (due to features not present in earlier versions)


Big Sur is required

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This is a temporary requirement for the alpha builds.

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bummer :frowning: I cant upgrade my work laptop to Big Sur just yet… I’ll have to wait

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Good catch.

The whole Settings menu area is getting a redesign, so I wouldn’t worry too much about that just yet. :slight_smile:

Oops! That page doesn’t exist or is private. I can’t download it and I received the link by email


I’m also happy for alpha version. Thank you very much for it! But I’m still on Catalina (because of bricking Mid 2014 MBP) :frowning: I’ll try to update soon and give Infuse a try.

have the same problem im registered since a while now and I can’t download it , got an error

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For those that registered, you should have received an automated email with info on how to gain macOS tester status on the forum.

If you already have a forum account, you can simply join the group here.


Thx bud , its working now

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Oh, wow. This is awesome. Saw the email a few minutes ago, I have already downloaded, my Trakt auto synced, all the metadata has pretty much finished indexing… Already love it.

Just skipping through some 4K files that I have stored on a NAS - working perfectly. Guess my MacBook Pro has a bit more processing power than my ATV4K but it feels so much faster. Well done guys - you must be thrilled. It’s excellent.

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I have the same thing happening to me.

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I wasn’t able to go back to the settings panel after clicking on the Sync > Trakt option.
The back button is visible but it wasn’t working.