Infuse + Jellyfin watched status handling

If I have Jellyfin running and I am logged into Trakt on Infuse, where will my watched data be pulled from & pushed to?

Are you logged into Trakt in Jellyfin too?

If I recall (from way back) both Emby and Jellyfin have some intricate Trakt settings that can be changed.
Wrong setting in Jellyfin will tell it to mark everything unwatched in Jellyfin as also unwatched in Trakt.

If you’re happy that your watched status in Trakt is 100% correct then personally I would initially completely disable Trakt in Infuse. Make sure you’re happy with the Trakt settings in Jellyfin and then sync. Hopefully then Jellyfin watched status will mirror Trakt. From then connect Infuse to your Jellyfin and those watched status should be there in Infuse (possibly after a refresh)

Again it’s a very long time since I had a Jellyfin/Emby setup and things may have changed. Hopefully someone with more recent knowledge will chime in.

@Hitsville yes i care a lot about my watched history and play counts I have on Trakt. Definitely don’t wanna mess it up.

I was hoping that Infuse can handle my Trakt status locally on each device where I am logged in without needing to do anything with Jellyfin. It sounds like that is not the case. Anyone have recent experience with this?

I didn’t actually mean to imply that at all.
Assuming you don’t have Trakt enabled in Jellyfin itself then there shouldn’t really be a reason not to just use Infuse in Trakt. I just wanted to highlight that it’s best not to use both.

Using Infuse natively (without a media server) it will definitely pull existing watched status from Trakt. It will not suddenly mark something as unwatched in Trakt because it isn’t watched in Infuse. I imagine it would be the same in Jellyfin.

Bottom line is I think you’re pretty safe.

Hmmm so you think Infuse’s Trakt connection would do it?

In the post below, James says that Infuse leaves it totally up to the server. I’d prefer Infuse handling it but I haven’t gotten either Infuse (in the app via Trakt sync) or Jellyfin to show my Trakt watched statuses.

I guess my question is if the 2021 post by @james is still accurate with todays Infuse & Jellyfin version?

Right so from James post it seems that Trakt relies on what the linked server says which actually makes sense. I wasn’t aware as my setup is Plex and it really has no idea what Trakt is beyond a webhook to tell something (in this case Trakt) that something is happening.

This may of course all change with Plex/Emby/Jellyfin direct mode when it’s out of beta.

It takes my Trakt plugin 44min to run with 6 accounts but only 2 of them having many items in the account and the others barely any. The updating seems to somehow impact the Jellyfin server and streaming isn’t working so well while it is happening.

Not sure which of the settings of the plugin are causing it to be so slow. I’m now trying to turn off “export media info” to see if that makes a difference.

I wish the scribbling would be handled by Infuse with the account that is logged in and not server side. Maybe that’s a feature to be added @james ?

If turning off Export Media info doesn’t help can you give me a screenshot of the various options in Jellyfin with the Trakt plug-in.
I haven’t used Emby or Jellyfin for ages but I do seem to recall that Jellyfin had quite a few more options than Emby.

These are it:

Turning “export media info" off seems to have made no difference. It took ~1h for the plugin to run through the sync :exploding_head:

Ok from what I remember those settings look reasonable.
And is this local media or stored in the cloud or a set up where you get access to someone else’s huge server?
Specifically roughly how many files do you have?

Jellyfin runs on a seedbox, it’s reading files from a Dropbox rclone mount. Everything runs well but when the Trakt plugin runs, streaming is negatively impacted. I have about 6k movies & 35k TV episodes.

Maybe I should turn off the “Synchronize collection” because pushing that to 6 accounts is maybe too much. What do you think?

With that many files I would definitely try that

made no difference. still 1h. what can be the cause?

At this point I don’t know.
So your files are in Dropbox? Is the server local and you are pointing Jellyfin to a Dropbox mount or is the server running remotely too on a Hetzner or similar?

Jellyfin runs on a shared server online with a 20Gbit/s connection and that same server runs the clone mount of Dropbox from where Jellyfin reads the files.

If I enable stop watched import and progress from Trakt, the plug-in runs under a minute and all is done. So either that or a once a day update at an hour when nobody is streaming is the solution.

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