Watched status sync from infuse to jellyfin

I’m running Jellyfin on Docker and it seems that whenever Jellyfin has an update, the only way to do it is to clear the existing image and pull the new version. This causes all my watched status to reset.

I use Trakt within Infuse so my question is, is there a way to push the watched status from infuse to jellyfin?

Alternatively, if anyone knows a way to update Jellyfin on docker without losing the watched status, that would also be greatly appreciated.

What version of Infuse? Jellyfin? Infusesync?

6.4.9 Infuse
10.6.3 Jellyfin
1.2.1 Infusesync

Did you restart the jellyfin server after the update?

Yes. The update itself is what causes the watched data to be lost because I have to clear the container in docker and download the new version.

I then have to add all my media folders again.

Is there a way for infuse or trakt to do a one way sync initially to get the watched status back?

You should have your Jellyfin data in a location outside of the docker, so your data isn’t lost on every update.

I’m guessing (I use Emby) the docker option: -v /path/to/library:/config

Yes I have the config and metadata folders saved separately. But when I set up the new Jellyfin container and pointed them to those folders, it just overwrote them instead.

Hmm haven’t had that happen before.
You’re sure the user the container is running on has rights to the folders?
You’ve entered a valid userid/groupid when creating the container?

 --user <uid>:<gid>