Jellyfin watched status from server

I have been trying to get clarification on whether or not Infuse can pull watched status on media from a Jellyfin server. Prior to using Jellyfin I was using Plex where watched status was synced without the need for something like Trakt. Is Trakt required not only to sync watched status but to even read the flag from the server? And if that’s the case is it a technical limitation or just not implemented? I have used the Jellyfin app on a Roku and it reads/updates the watched flags without problem. Anyone know before I make a feature request? Thanks in advance.

Yes, for media servers (Plex, Emby, Jellyfin) Infuse will use the server as the source for watched history/progress and also sync watched info back to it as well.

Additionally, you can connect Infuse to Trakt in order to scrobble watched history to your account, but Infuse will not read info about watched statuses or progress from Trakt when using media servers.

Additionally, for non-media server shares Infuse is able to use iCloud to synced watched history. A bit more info on these capabilities can be found here.

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Ok that is what I hoped however Infuse is not syncing any watched data (both directions) with Jellyfin. I have it set up as a media server. Everything else works great.

I have iCloud Sync turned on… it has been on since I was running Plex. Could that be screwing things up?

Otherwise maybe I need to open a ticket?

Same thing here. Jellyfin server running on a Mac, Infuse on iPad and Kodi with Jellyfin add-on on Android TV. All the media with all the metadata is synced no problem, images, genres, everything is synchronized with near zero configuration, but neither Infuse nor Kodi show the watched checkmark for movies that are marked on the server. Weird.

Any ideas?