Infuse with Emby/Jellyfin + Trakt plugin not updating Trakt watched status

Hi there,

I have the following setup:

  • Infuse Pro 6.4.8 (without Trakt connected) on AppleTV 4K
  • Jellyfin 10.6.2 + Trakt plugin running in Docker on Synology

When playing a TV episode via Infuse it is seen in Trakt as playing. However when the TV episode ends it is not marked as watched in Trakt (it is marked in both Infuse and Jellyfin btw).
However, when I mark it as watched manually in Infuse it shows up correctly as watched in Trakt.

Off course I don’t want to mark every episode I watch manually, so please could you fix the automatic watched status update?

FYI, the messages in the Jellyfin log:
[2020-08-13 00:06:22.971 +02:00] [INF] [37] Emby.Server.Implementations.Session.SessionManager: Playback stopped reported by app “Infuse” “6.4.8” playing “Part II”. Stopped at “0” ms
[2020-08-13 00:06:23.080 +02:00] [INF] [25] Trakt.ServerMediator: Playback Stopped
[2020-08-13 00:06:23.080 +02:00] [INF] [25] Trakt.ServerMediator: Item Not fully played. Tell we are no longer watching but don’t scrobble

Thanks for your help

Infuse version: 6.4.9
Apple TV
Emby Server

Whenever I play a movie or tv-show from an Infuse client (ipad or apple tv) my shows never get scrobbled on trakt (Emby plugin) and I dont get a Playback scrobble event on my webhook urls (also in Emby).
When I try this in Emby web client the scrobble event does come through.

All the other events, pause, unpause, stop etc are still coming through.

Emby server itself sees the episode as played. I was wondering if this is an Emby issue or an Infuse issue.


We’re looking into this. Thanks!

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I am happy to confirm we’ve tracked down this issue (with both Emby and Jellyfin) and will have the fix available soon in the upcoming 6.5 release.

6.5 also includes a number of improvements and fixes for iOS 14, so we working to have it available around the same time.

That’s great news, looking forward to the update. Thanks!

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