Privacy, metadata, and Jellyfin

I’ve just started using Infuse and was immediately impressed enough to get Infuse Pro (which I’m very happy to pay for). It looks like a great video player so far!

I’d like to understand a few things about it from a privacy perspective:

  1. Does Infuse upload or share any information (with Firecore or anyone else) about what media I’m watching? It wasn’t clear to me what “Usage data” includes.
  2. What’s this person talking about when they write that Infuse “uploads your usage data (so, what you’re watching) to the app developer, even when playing your own local media”? They also write in another thread that Infuse will “upload your usage data to a remote server”. Are either of these true?
  3. If I’m only watching things from my Jellyfin server, does Infuse talk only to the Jellyfin server to get metadata, or does it still reach out to external services to fetch its own metadata for my media?
  4. If I want Infuse not to upload, sync, or share any data (or metadata) elsewhere (except with my Jellyfin server), can I do this, and what options do I need to configure? I’ve found “Metadata Fetching” and “Share Crash Data”, and I haven’t connected to Trakt.
  5. On this thread there’s a reference to opting out of anonymous codec usage sharing. Is this still a thing, and — if so — where can I find the option?

At a high level, we collect zero personally identifying information in the app. The data we do collect (which requires an opt in) is anonymous and is diagnostic in nature to help identify issues and improve the app. This can be crash data, or high level info like codec type, streaming method, iOS version, etc…

We don’t actively collect, store, or share any data about the content you are watching.

The one exception here is if you choose to log into Trakt. In this case, Infuse would send info about what you watch to your Trakt account. However, this is a direct connection to Trakt, and does not go through our servers.

I’m not sure what they are referring to, but we have never collected info about the content people watch.

When using a media server like Jellyfin, Emby, or Plex Infuse will only use the metadata and artwork provided by the server. It will not fetch anything from other sources.

Disabling the ‘Share Crash Data’ option would disable all data collection in the app.

Disabling the ‘Share Crash Data’ option would take care of this.

Lastly, iOS includes a handy feature that allows you to see detailed info about what apps are doing in the background, and what services they connect to. More info on this can be found in this guide.

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Thank you very much, @james! That’s all good to hear :smiley:

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