Infuse can't distinguish between shows with the same name

The problem I am currently facing is like this:

There are two series with the same name, “The Three-Body Problem,” released by different countries. One is released by China in 2023. The other is released by Netflix in 2024.

I tried renaming the series files using the Chinese “三体” and “3 Body Problem,” but they are still categorized under “三体” in Infuse.

Later, I tried adding {tmdb-id} to the filenames, but it still does not differentiate them properly.

PS: I use Aliyun Driver .

It looks like the one from China is titled “The Three-Body Problem” and is from the year 2022.

The one from Netflix is “3 Body Problem” and is from the year 2024.

Name your series and episodes as follows.

Main folder "The Three-Body Problem 2022
Episode “The Three-Body Problem 2022 S01E01.mkv”

Main folder “3 Body Problem 2024”
Episode “3 Body Problem 2024 S01E01.mkv”

Test for maasea

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