Infuse cannot properly resolve correct moveie on themovedb, even with year

I am trying to get infuse to find the right metadata for the Anpanman '91 Series selection dvd. For every single year of these DVDs, infuse is not resolving the correct DVD. (It randomly selects something else with the same name prefix.) This is even after I copy paste the name from themoviedb to the file and even if I remove special characters from the name.

Reference themovedb entry:

I’m going to next set the created year to 1901 to see if that helps on themoviedb. Does the infuse team feel any guilt at all when users are forced to make a mess of themovedb to get correct resolution? It doesn’t look like the infuse searches even do any utf8 normalization on searches from my experience.

I use this application because there are not a lot of great options. If the horrible metadata experience wasn’t there, I would be paying money for this. But I don’t trust the app.

Can you copy and paste how you have the actual file named? It appears that the Movie name has both an exclamation point (!) and an apostrophe (’) in in and both have caused problems with naming in the past.

You might want to try the file name “Go for it Anpanman 91 series selection 1991.mkv” and see if that helps.

Infuse will use the search results provided by TMDB, and searching for それいけ!アンパンマン’91シリーズセレクション on TMDB seems to show the same results as Infuse.

However, if I shorten the title and add the year the correct title gets matched automatically in Infuse and TMDB.


There may be other file naming options that would allow you to get the correct result from TMDB, but this was just one example that worked for me here.