Multiple TV series with the same name


Sometimes there are ‘reboots” of a TV series with the same name.

E.g. I have a 1975 version of a TV series (in one folder) and a 2008 reboot version of the same series (in a different folder). The title of the series are the same, so one of the folders includes the year in it’s name, to differentiate.

However, Infuse merges them all together as though it is a single series. So for season 1, it shows 2 episode 1s, 2 episode 2s, etc
The filenames (excluding episode name) are named using the standard SxxEyy format.

Is there a naming scheme I need to follow to force Infuse to detect them as separate series?

Thanks for any help


Often with a “reboot” if you add the year after the series name it will differentiate between them correctly. This is one of the rare cases where Infuse will look at TVDB instead of TMDB when a year follows a name.

If you provide the name of the series maybe I can see what’s needed. :wink:

Thank @NC_Bullseye

Survivors 1975
Survivors 2008

None of the episode filenames currently include the year.
I’m guessing I’ll need to rename the episodes, and not just the containing folders?



Just tested and yes, you’ll have to rename the files but if you’re on a Mac it has a great bulk rename feature in the finder.

This worked

That’s all working now

Thanks for your help with this


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