Infuse and onedrive - how do I set it up?

Hi all,

Quick question. How do I setup OneDrive to work with Infuse via my ATV 4? Can anyone point me to a step-by-step guide?

I used to see the link in the shares but not anymore.

Thanks in advance.


Five days without a response? Well that sucks.

I’m in the same boat. Just paid $20 to upgrade the app on my Apple TV and signed up for a $5 subscription on my phone, and can’t work out how to sync the Apple TV app. My phone app has connected with OneDrive but have no idea how to get my Apple TV to. You would think they would put like a simple guide on their site…

I believe that you first have to set up the cloud account on your ios device with infuse, then as long as you have icloud sync enabled on both your ios and tvos infuse the onedrive should show up in the available shares on the ATV infuse.

Make sure that both the ios and tvos copies of infuse are using the same icloud account.

Here are a couple of threads that address this.

Really odd thing. When I try to log in to my onedrive account via the infuse iOS app it tells me that my “microsoft account doesn’t exist”. Yet when I log in via Safari it’s all good.

By chance, is this a One Drive for Business account?

If so, this isn’t supported just yet, but is planned for the upcoming 5.9 release.

It is business account. Great to hear it be be supported shortly. Cheers!

I’m using infuse 5.9.2 (2380), However I have a difficulty in logging into my OneDrive.

After I enter password of my OneDrive account, it appears “Unexpected sever response.Please try again”, and I try many times in days it always the same result.

It’s a office 356 student account and comes with 1T OneDrive storage, I not sure if it has anything to do with this problem.

I tried a personal OneDrive account and it work fine though.

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