How to use Infuse with Google Drive via Apple TV

Hi there, thanks to another thread that was posted back in May 2020 “How to use Infuse with Google Drive”, which has provided me some tips of how to set up Infuse on Apple TV by adding Google Drive as an additional service. I have tried to add Google Drive into Infuse on Apple TV since past 24 hours but it failed. After read the previous post I found out the following things that are important for anybody who wants to do the same:

  1. You have to install Infuse on both Apple TV and on one of your iOS device, i.e. iPhone or iPad.
  2. Make sure both iOS device and Apple TV are log in with same Apple ID.
  3. Make sure your iCloud is on and can be used by Infuse on iOS device and on Apple TV.
  4. Make sure your iCloud has enough space. This is where I failed to check and causing problem to synchronize Infuse on iOS device to Infuse on Apple TV.
  5. Add Google Drive onto Infuse on your iOS device.please note, you cannot add Google Drive directly to Infuse on Apple TV. You can only add it on iOS device then wait it is synchronized to Infuse on Apple TV.
  6. You need to wait for a while, perhaps a few hours depends on the network speed and size of your content on Google Drive.

Good luck and enjoy your Infuse.

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If you check out the user guides you could save some troubles too.

There are loads of great info in the users guides so you may want to check there when you hit a snag.