AppleTv 4K infuse pro 6 gdrive

Hi. I have a 4K AppleTV with infuse pro 6.5.4 and lifetime license but I don’t see where I can put my Google GDrive account. and it says that the pro have it. thanks

Google do not provide the necessary support to set up a connection to google drive for the ATV. So the ATV version is unable to set it up.

However if you have an iOS device (iPhone or iPad) google do provide the support there; so you use Infuse on that device to set it up, and use iCloud sync in Infuse to copy the connection details over to the ATV.

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remotevisitor is correct, since the ATV is restricted by apple as to what it can do on the internet you have to first set up the GDrive on an iOS device (or iPadOS) in Infuse and then iCloud sync will add it to the servers on Apple TV Infuse.

some manual to do what you comment. thanks

Sorry for the confusion.

This question has come up before, so I’ve just put together a step-by-step guide for adding cloud services.

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Good Morning. I have followed the manual you have sent me but it doesn’t appear on AppleTv. What can happen? I have a tv version afuse pro 6.5.2 (3282) and my profile does not appear as in the screenshots

Do you have iCloud Sync enabled (on the same account) in Infuse for both the iOS and tvOS devices?

How do I know that I have it activated?

In Infuse, Settings → iCloud Sync

How do I know that I have it activated?

Is the setting showing “ON”?

Also please make sure that ALL devices are logged into the SAME iCloud account.

I have activated icloud on all devices, iphone, ipad and apple tv, but the Gdrive does not appear on appleTv.
What can be?

achieved, it takes a few hours to refresh the Apple TV

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