Remote Streaming: Dropbox, Google Drive and Plex

I bought Infuse 5 Pro specifically to stream video from Dropbox and Google Drive to my Apple TV 4.

I didn’t see the option to set up these cloud services on Apple TV, but I can set it up with Infuse 5 Pro on my iPad. I read that if I set it up on the iPad, it will appear on Apple TV, but after a few hours, it has not. Is there anything else I need to do get Dropbox and Google Drive cloud shares to appear on Apple TV?

As to Plex, Infuse Pro found my server and I can get my videos to work. I also see my photos and Music folders, but when I add them to Favorites, the folders appear as empty. Can I use Infuse 5 Pro to view my Photos and Music libraries through the Plex Server?

Final note on just plain NAS. it does not show a full tree, so I cannot select my iTunes folder (it show only generic Music, Photo and Video folders which are empty). Not the end of the world, since I can get this directly from Apple TV’s Computers tile, but it’s just strange that I cannot select a Favorite folder from my NAS and it doesn’t make much sense.

The big one for me is, again, how to get Dropbox and Google Drive to appear on Apple TV?

Do you have iCloud Sync enabled in settings on both your iOS and tvOS devices? Obviously iCloud Sync need to be enabled to allow the Dropboc/Google Drive settings to be transferred between the devices.

Infuse does not currently support music or photographs … If you would like it to do so then I suggest you vote for this support in the new community area

Not too sure what problem you have with iTunes folder as I don’t use iTunes to share media. Obviously the photograph and music folders will show empty as they do not contain any files that are supported by Infuse. The video folder probably contains DRM protected files that are also not supported by Infuse.

Thanks! I was actually signed in with different iCloud accounts. Didn’t think about the fact that this is necessary to sync…

Now that you have it working, are you liking the feature? It was the only reason I purchased the app. So far I like it. I’m using it with Google Drive, but of course had to raise my storage limit :arrow_up:

This is one of many threads about this and I chose this one:). I had to reset my Apple TV a month ago and I’m not able to see Dropbox. Works fine on an iPad and iPhone. iCloud sync on. Just confirming that we use the Apple ID for store not iCloud?

Thanks for any input!

Once you have a Dropbox setup on your iOS device, the connection will sync over to Apple TV automatically. At this point you just need to add a Favorite on Apple TV, and this can be done by browsing the Dropbox share through the Infuse > Settings > Shares menu.

In the shares menu I no longer get the Dropbox option, just local shares.

Have you set up a connection to Dropbox on iOS?

Do you have iCloud Sync enabled on all devices?

Figured it out, it was an iCloud vs Apple ID thing.

Great! :slight_smile: