Found a cause for odd random letters for folder name

Just thought I’d add this in here as it bamboozled me for a bit.

Occasionally a folder may show up as a string of random numbers/letters like this for example




Even though the folder appears correctly labelled.

The problem arises if you are using a Samba server and is NOT an issue with infuse.
Samba doesn’t like spaces before the file type and you may have left a space at the end of the title (e.g. of the series).

So the folder may be labelled 'Breaking Bad ’ instead of ‘Breaking Bad’.

^^^ took me ages to figure this out and couldn’t find anyone with the same issue here so thought I’d just warn anyone who has a similar problem.


This can also be caused if the file or folder names contain ‘illegal characters’ which include the following.

" \ / : | < > * ?

In general, it’s best to avoid using these in any file and folder names.

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