Why are in shared Directories sometimes Folders and sometimes Files

I have an shared Directory on my Win10 PC.
Every Movie in this Directory is stored in a seperate Folder, The Folder of each Movie sometimes has the same name as the File in it, sometimes not.

If i choose Files (“Dateien” in German) and access my shared directory on my PC, I see approx 50% Folders (and thats what i wanted to) and the rest of the Files (which are actually inside the Folders on my HD) are attached to the end of the list, showing only the Filenames.

What i have to do to see only the Folders and not mixed up folders an files?

It seems that it behaves different if in the Folder is another Sub-Folder?! Is there a switch or can i customize the thing to show only folders?

Its the same thing on my Iphone and Apple TV.

Thanks for help!

When organizing titles into folders, Infuse will flatten single-video folders so they appear as playable items.

Folders that contain multiple videos, or subfolders will be treated as a normal folder.