File renaming and sorting


I have 2 questions/issues please and wonder if someone could help me: I have stored a tv documentary which I have renamed like this as per the suggestions on the website:
Yellowstone S01E01 Winter
Yellowstone S01E02 Summer
Yellowstone S01E03 Autumn

But now the issue is that the folder name has changed to Season 1 instead it should be showing Yellowstone; that is how i have named the folder. How can i correct it? If this is how it is supposed to be, then it is not nice most of my folders are now called series 1 or series 2 instead of their names.

Secondly, (I am not talking about collections). How can I name my movies in a way that they are grouped together in a similar way as tv shows. So lets take an example of Thor. The folder name is “Thor”. There are 3 files:

Thor The Dark World
Thor Ragnarok.mkv

They are not being grouped.I need to find a way to group them

Currently, the way infuse work in a way that folders with multiple movies are shown on top and folders in only one single movie are show after them.

Is there a way to sort Thor folder alphabetically in T category, unlike being shown on the top?

Many thanks for your help and support