Weird folder renaming phenomenon / folder flattening

Today I was quite surprised to see that a couple of folders have been renamed by Infuse. The original (NFS mounted) folder remains untouched but inside of Infuse the folder names have been changed:

  1. The original folder name “The Odd Couple (1970)” became “124164” inside of Infuse
  2. The original folder name “The X-Files (1993)” became “114439” inside of Infuse
  3. The original folder name “Wycliffe (1993)” became “787” inside of Infuse

This happened already before but could be solved by renaming back and forth the original folder several times. It seems this is not an option anymore with the most recent version 7.4. Even worse: when renaming the folder and renaming it again it obtains a different (wrong) title.

I guess the origin of this phenomenon is some sort of auto-naming using online metadata. But only local metadata is activated for all of the folders on this particular mount. Inside of the Infuse preferences “Show filenames” is activated, “File Management” is deactivated, sort order is by “Filename” and “Metadata Fetching” is activated.

Concerning another matter I’m still very unhappy with the file flattening in general as our NAS is shared with several platforms (not from Apple) inside our household and the naming scheme should always stay the same. A couple of years ago it has been said/promised that file flattening could be deactivated in a future version. Unfortunately, I cannot find any option for doing this, neither in iOS/iPadOS, macOS or tvOS.

Thank you very much in advance for your help!

As nobody replied, I reply to myself. This obviously is a bug as e.g. the folder “The Odd Couple (1970)” is automatically renamed to “124164” as soon as I place a subfolder called “Season 1”, “Season 2” or whatever “Season” inside of it. Same goes for the other folders. Infuse absolutely insists to rename them as soon as something inside of it does match whatever unknown (to me at least) pattern. As I never asked Infuse to do so this is quite annoying. Does anybody know how to switch it off?

Does this only happen while browsing via folders, or are you seeing this in the Library as well?

Are you using grid or list view?

Unfortunately, I’m not using the Library. While browsing via folders it does only happen in list view.

Two additional observations:

  1. If I add a space in the subfolder name after e.g. “Season 1” (which means I have to repeat it for every season folder like "Season 1 ", "Season 2 " etc.) the problem disappears but then of course all the watched/unwatched episodes need to be marked again as watched/unwatched.

  2. The problem appeared with version 7.4 for the above mentioned folders but nowhere else. It once happened before with a British series called “Ghosts” where the folder just disappeared … like a ghost.

If I could have one single wish for Infuse it would be some sort of less automated file management, including the option to deactivate the flattening of folders with single files inside of it.