Installed 4.0.3. Lost folder names

Folder names within my favourites no longer appear - just the thumbnails.
This is only since 4.0.3.
I’ve tried removing a favourite and adding it again but the problem remains.

Hmm - can you try removing and installing the app?

That reply is going to cost me well over an hour of my time. To follow your suggestion, I made notes of all of my settings, deleted the app, reinstalled the app, configured all of the settings, added my favorites, logged back in to TRAKT, and went to my TV folder to find that all the folders had their names.
“Excellent” I thought.
Until I then opened one.
When InFuse organized the files into seasons and sorted it below the list of all the named folders it hid the folder name once again.
I’m right back where I started except I have over 150 folders of TV episodes I have to open, wait, then close, in order for them to be indexed properly. Then I need to do it in my “Kids TV” favourite too.

Please help if you can.

I’m definitely annoyed about this bug. But I’m not as bitter as you! If there’s any evidence to support your claim, by all means present it. Otherwise, I’d really like some constructive help please.

Can you provide a bit more info about what’s contained within these folders?

Infuse will flatten folders in some cases and treat them as playable items.

I solved this issue. By which I mean I’ve implemented a workaround because I identified which “feature” was causing the problem.
Settings>General>Show Filenames was enabled. Which caused all of the folder names in this specific branch of my media collection to be hidden. By turning it off I got my folder names back.

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