File Not Found when trying to play movies via Jellyfin

I have 3 movie libraries in Jellyfin that are named:

  1. Movies (DVD)
  2. Movies (Blu-ray) – contains BDMV folders for each movie
  3. Movies (4K-UHD) – contains BDMV folders for each movie

Jellyfin itself is running in a container on TrueNAS Scale. In TrueNAS I have created separate ZFS datasets for DVD, Blu-ray, and 4K-UHD. Each dataset is shared via NFS, which makes the datasets available to Jellyfin.

Jellyfin is perfectly okay with this setup. It can play everything from every folder/dataset.

The Problem
When I add my Jellyfin login to Infuse (I just subscribed to the Infuse Pro annual plan), it sees all three folders/datasets, but it will only play movies from the “Movies (DVD)” dataset/folder.

If I attempt to play any Blu-ray or 4K-UHD movie, I will get a File Not Found error.

If I remove the Jellyfin login and instead mount each of the TrueNAS datasets via SMB, Infuse will see all 3 datasets/folders and it can play everything properly across all of them.

The only problem with this workaround is that album art and metadata that I needed to specifically manually in Jellyfin are not retained when connecting through SMB, but they are visible when connecting through Jellyfin itself.

Screenshot below shows the File Not Found error.

Infuse sees all of the Movie folders/datasets, but it’s only able to find the files from “Movies (DVD)” folder.

Here we can see the three movie folders (first 3 items):

Seems Infuse cannot play BDMV through Jellyfin so I’ve switched to direct SMB connection, which is working well.

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