Match metadata for Blue Planet II discs

Seems Infuse cannot play BDMV through Jellyfin so I’ve switched to direct SMB connection, which is working well.

It would be nice to have the ability to upload album art and edit movie title and other metadata manually because I have several Blu-ray titles for which Infuse does not have the correct metadata.

How do you have the files named? Do you have the year in the file name? That will often help target the correct movie.

The following Blu-ray titles are currently without metadata in my Infuse library:

  1. John Adams (3-disc HBO mini-series)
  2. Planet Earth II (BBC 2-disc documentary)
  3. Blue Planet II (BBC 4-disc documentary)
  4. Cosmos A Spacetime Odyssey (4-disc documentary w/Neil DeGrasse Tyson)
  5. Spartacus (HBO mini-series)

Here is what Infuse looks like for a couple of these titles:

Here’s what Jellyfin looks like for “Blue Planet II” after manually uploading album art and manually editing metadata:

Finally, metadata search does not include this particular title:

You might want to take advantage of 7.6.6 :wink:

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I took a look at Metadata 101 but I’m not sure how to apply movie ID tags to a BDMV (Blu-ray)…

See if this post gives you some insight on it.

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Some new findings…

Title: Blue Planet II
TMDB ID: tv/74313

Title: The Rite of Passage
TMDB ID: movie/74313

Notice that both Blue Planet II and The Rite of Passage have the same TMDB ID (74313), but one is prefixed by “tv” and the other by “movie”.

If I change the folder name of Blue Planet II to…

Blue Planet II {tmdb-74313}

… then Infuse uses the movie title instead of the TV title. Is there a way to specify the TV title?

If I use the IMDB tag instead {imdb-tt6769208} then we get this in Infuse:

Since TMDB & IMDb both classify Blue Planet II as a TV series, you will want to name these files using a TV show format to ensure Infuse is able to recognize them correctly.

EG: Blue Planet II S01 E01

Also, since these are discs which contain multiple episodes you may consider naming each according to the first episode on the disc. This would allow you to group them together under a single series item and having some idea about which episodes are present in each file.

One way to do this can be found in this post.

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OMG, that worked beautifully! Even better than I expected… :slight_smile:

All I did was rename the files as you suggested:


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Awesome! :smiley:

All of my TV shows and mini-series and documentaries are now handled perfectly!!

Just needed to suffix folder names with Season and Episode numbers (Sxx Eyy).

I have digitized nearly 200 Blu-rays over the past two weeks. Another 50 or so to go. Have 3 burners going in parallel on 3 computers.

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