Switching from SMB to Jellyfin - native collections in the Film list?

Hi all! I have a question regarding Infuse for tvOS. I’ve been using Infuse very happily locally by way of an SMB file share to my media for some time without issue. However I’ve recently found that using Jellyfin makes occasional remote access much faster, so I’m considering switching to using that locally as well just to keep things in sync.

I have seen the new Direct Mode in the latest update, but for me, I prefer Library mode as the various Infuse features (like the Recently Added bar at the top) are really nice and I don’t want to be without them.

The other feature I really want to keep is as follows. When using Infuse with my current native SMB share, selecting ‘Films’ under the default Favourites row shows everything in the lovely Infuse manner, so all the films with their posters as you’d expect, but also with any collections automatically grouped, so e.g. alongside all the individual films, when you get to say the letter ‘B’, you see the ‘Blade Runner collection’, with the two films within that.

I can see that when browsing with the new Direct Mode, Infuse shows a separate Collections section alongside the Film and TV Shows ones, but the actual film list just shows all the films in alphabetical order. If the Jellyfin share was in Library mode and the only one present, would Infuse handle collections natively in its own Film list the way it does now? I know I could just delete my SMB share and find out, but I don’t want to jump all the way in yet as I don’t want to have to set it back up again if it doesn’t!

Oh and one bonus question… in Library mode, does my watch history (that’s already synced to iCloud) get applied on to the same content now served via Jellyfin? So say I’m halfway through watching Blade Runner via SMB, then I delete the SMB share and only have the Jellyfin share, will it just show back up as half watched (ditto for watched status for any other movies/TV shows)?

Hopefully that all makes sense and thanks for reading.