Blu-ray folders not working in Infuse 5.9.2

The latest version of infuse 5.9.2, does not know the directory format of Blu-ray movies, past versions can be identified. The BDMV directory will only be displayed and cannot be played.
Movies in ISO format can be recognized.
In addition, when building a movie library, the movies previously stored under the directory can be identified, but now they appear only after entering the directory.
At the same time, the library will be emptied, the library will be completed, and it will not be opened on the second day.

I’m having the same problem after the recent update. Previous versions work just fine.
BDMV folders and some iso files cannot be recognized.

Welcome to the forum, and sorry for the trouble.

What type of device are you streaming from?

Would you be able to send in a report so we can take a deeper look into what may be going on?

The system is Apple TV 4k, A1842,
tvOS 12.1.1(16K45)

The report has been sent,Code in Information“3JZ08”

Hi James, thanks a lot for your reply. A ticket #:112998 has been sent.

My current situation is having trouble playing 4K blue ray folder from my SMB based external hard drive. This works flawlessly before, all folders can automatically shown album artwork and you click in there is play button. But now it only shows the sub-folder and don’t have any play option when u click into it. I think there might be something wrong with the online metadata fetching. This happened both on my 4K Apple TV as well as on my iOS devices - both iPhone and iPad. Thanks!

Thanks for the reports. We’ll see if we can track down what may be going on here.

Quick update.

We believe we’ve tracked down what was causing this, and have included a fix in Infuse 5.9.3 which we’re submitting to Apple today. Hopefully we can have this available on the App Store early next week.

Thanks for your reports and patience.

Thanks James, looking forward to the update!

Is Infuse able to sort the additional Blu-Ray folder content that it contains over the primary movie

You can access this content via the ‘Titles’ option found in the Video tab of the Playback Menu, but these extras are not specifically displayed in the Infuse UI.

Excellent Thanks!

5.9.3 is now available on the App Store.

Please try this update and let us know if you have any further issues.

Thanks for your patience.

Worked for me perfectly just like before. Thanks!

Thank you, thank you very much! The version 5.9.3 was upgraded today and the issue has been resolved.

However, new problems have been discovered in use. The main performance is that TV series cannot be automatically classified in a certain season, but it can be classified in the past version.

For example, the “Westworld” TV series in 2018 cannot be automatically collected into a directory.

Unfortunately, TheTVDb has recently become blocked in China, but we are looking into a possible solution.

The folders /ISO are working and I can see the titles menu but I would have expected the additional features that are part of the disc to be listed here. Am I missing something here ?

don’t want to open a new thread so I’m using this one as it seems related

I have a full season (10 episodes) of a blu ray series in four different folders (disk 1 … 4). in side each folder I have two other folders (certificate and fab) and also the bdmv container. infuse sees the four disks when scanning. no info except 59 min duration. if I start disc 1 it plays first episode.

what should I do to see all 10 episodes clearly and be able to play them separately if needed?


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