Jellyfin: directories appear as movies

Hi all

First of all, let me thank you for a great product and a great set of new features that keep on coming!

Support for Jellyfin is my new favourite feature of Infuse, I have long been trying to escape Plex and its truckloads of bugs and missing features. With Jellyfin, I finally have a viable alternative!

I noticed a bug in the Jellyfin integration that you could have a look at.

When browsing movies on a Jellyfin server, directories appear as movies in Infuse. They do not appear the same way in the Jellyfin Web GUI or in other Jellyfin clients.

This is quite distracting, as I use directories to separate movies for different attributes, e.g. 4K, HEVC, new entries, etc.

Any ideas, on whether this could be fixed?

By chance, do these folders contain a single video?

If so, Infuse will currently flatten these folders and display them as playable items.

There has been some who prefer to avoid this flattening, so it’s an option we’ll likely add in a future update.

Hi James, thanks for the response.

No it’s not only single movies, I have several folders, one for example containing all HEVC files (hundreds) and also within it several subfolders e.g for 4K files or for collections, all listed as individual movies e.g. a movie called HEVC. This happens in the server view not the Library view, and it’s the same in both the Apple TV and the iPhone, also the same in the beta.

Would you be able to provide a few screenshots of how these appear in the Jellyfin UI compared to Infuse?

If you can also send in a report from Infuse (via Settings > Submit Diagnostics) and post the 5 digit code here that would be helpful. Thanks!

Hi, the code is MECEK. Here are the screenshots:

You can see that in the JF client the movies start to be listed alphabetically with the numerical names first.
In the Infuse view, the names correspond to directories that hold collections, as well a directory for HEVC files. After the directories are all listed, the actual movie files start to be listed alphabetically.
The contents of the directories are not listed at all.

Hi James, any update on this?

We’re looking into this. Stay tuned. :slight_smile:

Thanks James, the latest update removes this issue!

However, now collections are listed ahead of all movies.

This only happens with Jellyfin, neither Plex nor Emby.

In case you need it, the updated code is 86XTY.

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