Feature req: Do not separate folders from single videos in disk browser

I’ve been using Air Video HD before I today started trying out Infuse on my AppleTV. I had to leave AVHD behind because tvOS 15.3 broke something that makes AVHD skip movies, and the app is not getting updated any more :frowning:

AVHD only offers a “dumb” directory browser. But that browser works much better than Infuse’s disk browser (i.e. for favorite Library locations) for these reasons:

  1. It shows previews for video files (Infuse doesn’t, currently - maybe it’s a performance issue, though I thought it should usually have the info in its cache).
  2. I can choose whether I want folders mixed in the listing with files, or have the folders all grouped above the files. Infuse always groups all the folders at the top, which is not good when I have a large folder of downloads, where some are single files and others are in a folder that contain usually the video and files.
  3. I can change the sort options (date vs. name, and folders merged or separate) directly in the browser. With Infuse I had to go back to the main settings, which are many clicks away, then find myself back where I was browsing. AVHD makes the options available by tapping right - since the Infuse folder browser does not have a function on a right tap (only for up, down and left), this would be a good way to add this option here, too, I think.

The result is that when I am looking for the latest addition to my library folder, and if that item is a single video, then it gets listed below all the folders for grouped videos (like a collection of episoes).

But I need the LATEST at the TOP, no matter whether it’s in a collection or not, so that I can quickly find it.

My main settings that are probably related to this, are:

  • Sort Order: Date
  • Show Filenames: Off (doesn’t matter, it seems)
  • Collections: On (doesn’t matter, it seems)

Could that option be considered for an upcoming update, please?

Moved your post to the suggestions forum.

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