Frustrated with Infuse organization

Hi folks, I was using Media Player for the longest time and recently started Infuse when I updated my software. And I can’t figure it out.


I use my Apple TV primarily to watch content from a drive connected to my Airport Extreme. That drive is organized by directories (ie. Movies, Kids Stuff, TV shows; and then further by subdirectories for each TV show and then by season). With Media Player, I would just go into the directory, subdirectory and pick the episode I wanted. With Infuse, that’s all completely disappeared. Now everything on the drive is lumped in under “Other” and I have hundreds of files in alphabetical order. Needless to say, it’s a huge pain in the butt.


Am I doing something wrong? How can I get Infuse to show me the organization by the directories in which stuff is in? And why is everything listed under “Other” instead of properly as Movies, TV Shows, etc?



Go to the files section in infuse and then go to the very bottom which should be your shared drive. Click in it and you should see the folders you have shared. For each folder press the enter button and hold it. A menu will come up and allow you to choose the type of media in the folder. If you apply this to a parent folder all sub directories will have those same attributes. If “none” is selected, the folder will be ignored, regardless of what is in it.

Also, file names are important and must follow a certain format. Look on firecores site for filename formats. If you can’t find out what you need, post here and I can show you an example of a proper format. I use a program to batch name my files correctly. Once setup it renames files appropriately for me. I’m on osx and use filebot, but I’m sure there are others for windows/Linux. Filename a can also cause a file to be catorgorized incorrectly. For instance, I have a movie show up in the “others” category and I couldn’t figure out why. It was named properly and I the proper format. What ended up being the cause was the year of the movie in the filename, it was incorrect. Filebot pulled the infor from imdb, which was incorrect. Then infuse pulled it metadata and checked it against the name of the movie. They didn’t match, so it assumed it wasn’t the movie and placed it in the other category.

Long winded, I know, but hopefully helpful. Excuse any gramarical mistakes, pounding this out on my phone while at work.