Avoid flattening single file folders

There seems to be a bug in Infuse with folders that contain only 1 video file (even if it contains other files as well) on a network share. When browsing through the share, if you open the parent folder, then for every subfolder that contains only 1 video file, that folder will not show up and instead those video files show up in the parent folder.
Should be easy to reproduce.

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The is a deliberate ‘feature’, not a bug.

This is to cater for people who put each movie into individual directories, the movie is automatically promoted up a level so you don’t have to go into each movie directory to play the movie

Why would anyone want to put every movie in a separate folder ?! This doesn’t make much sense to me.
If I browse a network share, I kinda expect to recognize/see the folder structure of that share. I have a big collection of diverse videos that I organized in a specific way. Took me a while to realize that it were the one-file folders that were behaving weird.
I sure hope this becomes some toggle in the future, because right now it looks quite messy for my collection.

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Currently infuse is designed in a way that those folders which have more than file are sorted and shown on top as opposed to those folders which only have one file.
And those single file folders are not even recognised as a folder, instead shown as a movie.
I have been chasing this up for than a year to implement a true A-Z sores order but no luck so I have given up on it.

This change is currently on our roadmap and planned for a 5.6.x update. :wink:

Thanks James - I hope it makes it way into 5.6.(1) release :wink:

Oh well, 5.6.9 pushed out but nothing happened. No hopes!

James, is this still on your road map?

As others are pointing out as well: is it still on the roadmap ? We’re already at 5.7.1 and there is still no way to just browse like a regular file system.

Any updates to this ‘feature’ ? It was promised to be added a long time ago…

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I had similar problem if i want to browse my network share. My solution for this:
In the folders, where only files were, I made an empty subfolder (called “Sample” for example).
After that my directory structure looks correct with Infuse too.

This is still on our radar, and we plan to add a setting to disable this feature for an upcoming version.

James, thanks for new file sorting option and thanks for looking into an option of choosing this between the old way. However can i also suggest a way to show names of all movies rather than just the folders. For example, batman movies folder shows batman but single movie don’t show names. Can this be possible?

This isn’t possible right now, but you may consider starting a new thread in suggestions since it’s not really related to the folder flattening changes discussed here.