File list folders are not on top in apple-tv

Running Apple TVOS 15.1 on AppleTV-4K with Infuse 7.08.
Also running Apple TVOS 15.1 on 4K AppleTV-HD with Infuse 7.06.

With respect to how the file/folder names are displayed, there seems to be a difference.

Here are the file types I have:

  1. a video file (those with .avi, .mp4, .mkv etc)
  2. a folder which contains at most 1 video file
  3. a folder which contains more than 1 but related video files, ie parts 1…x
  4. a folder which contains unrelated video files plus (additionally) other folders.

On Infuse 7.06, types 1 and 2 display as a single item while types 3 and 4 are displayed as folders and are shown at the top of the list.

On Infuse 7.08, types 1 and 2 display as a single item, type 3 shows as a folder but are not shown at the top of the list (shown per the sort order along with types 1 and 2) and type 4 displays as a folder but are shown at the top of the list.

As I was used to seeing types 3 and 4 at the top of the list, this was confusing to me until I started to analyze what was going on while doing research for this topic.

So the only difference between 7.06 and 7.08 seems to be how type 3 (more than 1 but related video files) are displayed.

Is this correct? I started thinking this was a bug but now that I see what is going on, I think I understand the logic of it. Nevertheless, it is a bit confusing.

Am I understanding this correctly? Comments?

You may want to update Infuse to 7.2.1.

There have been many changes since 7.0.8. :wink:

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The location of folders is also affected by what the ‘Sort by’ option in Infuse > Settings is set to.

By Title = Folders at the top

I updated to 7.2.1. Thanks NC_Bullseye.

Changed to Title sort order, didn’t know this option is what put folders on top. The files are now displaying with all folders on tops which is what I am used to.



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