Questions about file browsing, is there a way to limit display of files to then current directory only?

When I browse to certain NFS directories, infuse5 pro (atv4), will descend into the subdirectories and display the files below the current directory. But I only want to see the files in the current directory level. Is there a setting to control this?

Also, is there is a quicker way to change file sort order, other than going back to the home screen? I would like to change sort order without having to leave the current directory.

Basically, I just want a file browsing interface for selecting the files to play, and the list mode is very close to what I want.

Sorry if these are stupid questions.


Edit: it turns out infuse “promotes” video files inside of a directory if there is only one video file inside the directory . This “feature” can not be turned off, and doesn’t work well in my situation.

Infuse will flatten single video folders, as we’ve found many people like to organize videos into individual folders which also contain other supporting files (subtitles, artwork, etc…). Currently there isn’t an option to disable this, but may be something we can look into for a future update.

Options for switch between view and sort order options will also be coming to Apple TV in a future update.

Thanks for the reply. It would be awesome if you could add those settings as options!

I realize most people like the fancier library features, but I just want a simple file and directory browser, and infuse is 95% of the way there.