Frustrated with Infuse organization

Hi folks, I was using Media Player for the longest time and recently started Infuse when I updated my software. And I can’t figure it out.


I use my Apple TV primarily to watch content from a drive connected to my Airport Extreme. That drive is organized by directories (ie. Movies, Kids Stuff, TV shows; and then further by subdirectories for each TV show and then by season). With Media Player, I would just go into the directory, subdirectory and pick the episode I wanted. With Infuse, that’s all completely disappeared. Now everything on the drive is lumped in under “Other” and I have hundreds of files in alphabetical order. Needless to say, it’s a huge pain in the butt.


Am I doing something wrong? How can I get Infuse to show me the organization by the directories in which stuff is in? And why is everything listed under “Other” instead of properly as Movies, TV Shows, etc?



InFuse and Media Player are just different names for the same software and have the same organisational capabilities. I use inFuse with folder level navigation to select the media I want to play all the time. It sounds to me as if for some reason you have switched to trying the Library view of your media rather than navigating via Files view which is via the share/folder names. I have then added starting points for particular media types (e.g. tV, Films as favourites so they appear on the top level of the inFuse menu.

As to why everything is appearing under Other, that is likely to be because you have set the ‘type’ of the share/folder that contains the media incorrectly. If navigating by Files view you can hold down the OK button on any folder to see (and set) the media type. This is then inherited by all contained folders/files unless explicitly over-ridden.

Right… but I can’t figure out how to get out of the Library view and back into the File view. I’ve gone through all the options several times. I feel as though I’m missing something really simple, but for the life of me I can’t get it back.


I have a “My Files” option on the top level of the inFuse menu.   That allows me to navigate to files as I want.   If you no longer have that option beause you have removed it from your favourites I am not sure how you get it back.