Emby TV shows gone from up next

The up next list was fine last night, but today the arrangement changed and multiple shows are gone, when i searched for the show it still shows up as still watching and on the episode where i left off.

ATV 4k 3rd gen, infuse pro 7.6.2 (4599) tvOS 17.1 (21K69) diagnostic code: K0761

Update: all the shows from a shared emby library are gone now. After watching it returned for a second then nuked itself. Anyone else having this issue? Only my local library is in up next.

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Same thing here on tvOS and macOS. Syncing with Emby.

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In the latest (7.6.2) update on all devices (ATV, iPad, MacOS, iPhone - all running 17.1) the Up Next list on the Home Screen is missing when Watching Only is selected. Other selections in the choices do appear. I’ve deleted and re-installed the app and cleared the metadata, but so fare nothing has reinstated them.

Is this a bug or have I done something wrong?

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I moved your post to a thread about this issue. It’s tagged as researching so keep an eye on this thread.

Thanks for letting them know! :+1:

I’ve tried making playlists to circumvent the issue but after watching an episode the playlist nukes itself as well. Hope this gets fixed soon.

The other thing I noticed is that the vast majority of my library is not actually showing up in the Infuse library. If I visit “All TV Shows” I see a seemingly random selection of 107 shows from several different Emby libraries.

I can easily browse to Emby directly through Infuse and all libraries and their contents show up fine.

Is anyone else having this issue with their Emby server? My Up Next list is not syncing with infuse on Apple TV since the 7.6.2 update. It works fine on my iPad. What was currently in the list remained but as soon as a watched one of those tv shows it disappeared out of the list and did not show the next episode like it was supposed to.

diagnostics: 3XWGD

I moved your post to a current thread discussing this. :wink:

Appreciate it. Since I did post this without searching to see if it was a major issue and apparently it is.

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I am seeing the same problem in the Infuse “Up Next” on my Apple TV.
Fortunately, I can load up Emby on my iPad and figure out what show to watch next.

First world problem, but a bit annoying.

I only have the apple tv so its a huge pain. Really hope they figure this out asap.

Same thing here on ios

We’ve tracked down this issue and are submitting a fix to Apple today as part of the 7.6.3 update.

Thanks for your patience. :slight_smile:


Awesome news, much appreciated!!

This should be resolved in today’s 7.6.3 update. :slight_smile:

Thanks for your patience.

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