Watching list keeps losing entries

I’m using Emby as a back end (plus some local content on a NAS directly added to Infuse).

Normally TV series that I’m currently watching appear on the top row - but some shows keep disappearing from the list and I have to go deep into the TV library to find the series again.

e.g. I’m currently watching “Watchmen” one episode per day. Even if I don’t watch anything else the next day the series is missing from the entire top row. (In Emby it shows in the Next Up list as the first entry).

Can this be fixed?

Also - what is “On Deck”? That seems like it would be useful to pin series and/or movies I want to watch - but I can never get anything to appear there.

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I have similar issues with my connection to Emby. Seems that the Infuse library doesn’t adhere to the same playlists as on the Emby server.

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There are a number of improvements for Emby/Jellyfin coming in the 7.3 update which may help with what you are seeing.