Up Next / Watching Has Gone Missing

After updating to Infuse 7, everything looked pretty much the same on the main screen of the app. But in the last day or so, the “Up Next” row has vanished (I had several unfinished TV series sitting there, so I noticed it right away) and now the row says “Recently Added Movies”.

Nothing I can see in settings or home screen customisation seems to be able to alter this, including the setting that’s meant to!

Has something changed in the way the home screen is handled, or have I run into an unexplored bug?

Are you using Emby?

Nope, just a regular network share.

What version number are you running?

7.0.1 (on Apple TV 4K and iPhone - the row’s gone missing on both devices).

Can you check to see what ‘Up Next List’ is set to in Infuse > Settings?

It’s set to “On.”

If I change it to “Watching Only” the row goes away completely, and if I test-play a title, it is added to the same row as “Recently Added” with a header of “Watching.”

I’m guessing my previous “Watching” info somehow got erased by the 7.0.1 update (it was there and working fine after 7.0 installed).