Bug in "Up Next"


I watched a TV Show in Infuse, so the Show appears in the Up Next List. So far so good.
The last episode of this show I watched outside Infuse and marked it as watched in my Trakt.tv Account.
The show was then completely watched.

On the next start of Infuse on my Apple TV, my Trakt account was synced to infuse and all episodes of the show were marked as watched. But the show remains in the Up Next List.

As the show was completely watched I deleted it from my share and synced the library. The show disappeared from the library, but still remains in the Up Next List, and I can not remove it.

If I click on the Show in the Up Netxt List, the whole season with all episodes appears as if the show is still in the library.

I think there is a bug in the update mechanism for the Up Next List. The possibility that the very last episode of a show is marked as watched in Trakt and than synced into Infuse is not handled. The Up Next Info is not updated properly.