Double tap on touch pad gone

Anyone else notice that when you double tap the touch pad either on the top or bottom that it no longer jumps to the bottom or top of long list views?

It will still jump to the top if you are on the bottom item and double tap the top of the touch pad but it used to work regardless of where you were in the list.

I thought it was just me or I needed to reset the aTV for exhibiting dubious behaviour.
I read the release notes religiously and did not observe any documented change in the last point releases.
Possibly under “Further improvements and fixes”.
I sort of like the older behaviour, but happy to adapt.

Just to confirm, based on user feedback this was removed in 5.6.1.

With the addition of fast scrolling the double-tap action became less needed and was often times problematic.

I loved it, I have no idea why it was removed, and I completely miss it.

I’m a bit disappointed also. I’d grown used to using it on long listings. I hadn’t even seen where there were complaints about this feature causing problems.

Fast scrolling is ok but far from easy to control and with the addition of a cover for the remote it’s not easy to invoke. It also seems to happen when you’re not really wanting the speed scrolling. It’s not consistent on activation.

I’d rather see an alphabetical option over the fast scroll.

I’d sure like to see the double tap back James.

Thats weird as mine still works and I’m on 5.6.2, I too would certainly miss it if it was to disappear! Infuse is just getting better and better for me.
Thanks for all the hard work fire core team!

We’ve re-added this for the 5.6.7 update which is due out shortly.

This is strange. I had found that now on current versions if you’re on a long list and the very top item was selected (highlighted), you could tap on the top and it’d go to the last entry of the list and vise versa, if you were on the last entry and tapped down it’d go to the first entry of the list. It would only do this when you were on the very top or very bottom of the list, if you highlight even one down it doesn’t work.

Will this remain or will it all be double taps now?

Yes, that will stay as-is.

We’re just restoring the quick seek to top/bottom via double-tap.


More tricks for an ol dog. :wink:

Thanks for bringing this feature back Firecore. Much appreciated !!!

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