Bug on Infuse 7 tvOS15 with iPhone remote

I’ve encountered a strange bug on infuse with the new update and tvOS15. When I use the iPhone remote and hold down to get to the list of options for a favourite, the selection jumps upwards and I can’t access the options. This worked fine before the update and doesn’t happen with any other software on my AppleTV so I’m assuming it has something to do with infuse and then built in iPhone remote software in iOS15.

You may want to try a restart on the ATV. I just tried it several times and it works like it should. Maybe a restart on the phone too?

You may want to post the exact version numbers for both Infuse and tvOS just to make sure.

I tried that before I posted here. Rebooted everything multiple times but no dice. I’m running iOS15.0 with TVOS 15.0 and Infuse 7.2.1 (3874). I have auto update on my ATV and checked if there is a new version and there isn’t.

My phone updated to iOS 15.0.2 and it’s still exhibiting that behaviour. I long press on the item and the selection jumps one row up and doesn’t allow me to get to the options for the item.

When you go to long press on the iPhone have you tried doing the long press in a different place on the screen? Like center of the track area or to the top or bottom? Just to see if you can change the results by moving where you start your long press.

It’s still the same behaviour. The infuriating thing is that it’s also incredibly inconsistent. If I long press it’ll jump up a row every 3 presses and then on the 4th press it’ll somehow work. This is true for anywhere in the interface. And that includes long presses anywhere on the touch area of the remote.

Edit: not sure if I mentioned this but this behaviour doesn’t occur when I use a physical remote.

Any further insights on why this would be happening? Can you guys not reproduce it? Are there any remote settings I should change to see if it changes anything?

On the iphone, under settings > accessibility > first check the touch settings, (you can list these if you like and we’ll compare) second, go down a few from the Touch settings to Apple TV Remote and list those settings so we can compare those too.

Do you have a second iPhone or a friend with one so you could narrow down which side the issue is caused by?

Hi there. Thanks! I tried those and none of them worked and my touch settings were the same as my wife’s. Strangely enough (or not so much) I was having one or two weird issues with the AppleTV in question that made me finally just erase the whole thing and restore it. That seems to have fixed the issues I was having with the TV app and other issues which cropped up with the Infuse app in the past few days. I’ll keep an eye on things and let you all know if it reappears but right now it seems to have done the trick.

When in doubt, reset and reboot I guess :smile:

Words to live by! Thanks for getting back on this and hopefully things will be all good.

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